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If you would like to add a short description or insert a recollection of any of the following images, please email the editor. I would also like to know the street addresses of any buildings. Thanks for any assistance with this project. Thanks to Eric Martindale for supplying the 2006 photos.

Thanks also to Bob Leafe for many of the postcards.

Click here for Bob Leafe Photography: More photos of Hackensack.

Old Advertisements


Cadillac Ad

Dweetman Album

Guido's Restaurant (Matchbook)

Harley Davidson Ad with
Hackensack Police Officer

Harley Davidson Ad 2

Home adverstisement (current)

Main Camera matchcover

Oldsmobile Ad

Petrullo's Matchbook front, back, inside

Packard's Ad

Vanderbeck Ad

Old Businesses

Bakman Building, Main Street

Bank House

Current Picture

Bloomingdales (current?)


Charcoal Corners

C.S. Fountain & Sons

Curtain Beauty Shop (150 Main St.)

Emily's Shop (387 Main Street?)

Hackensack Arena

Hackensack Savings Bank (1800's)

Harley Davidson, Main Street

Holly Restaurant

Nystrom Restaurant (destroyed)

Oritani Theater
2006 Picture

Packard Bambergers
2006 Picture

Peoples Trust & Guaranty Co. (1942)

Petrullo's Restaurant

Record Cleaner

Red Lion Restaurant (Main & Euclid)
(destroyed 2/4/70)
2006 Picture

Red Lion (interior)

Red Lion (interior) 2

Sears & Roebuck

Stagecoach Motel

Sylvania Factory
(South Hackensack)

Theatre Restaurant (destroyed)? 1940's?
Current Picture

Trust Company Building/Depot
Trust Company Building 2

Trust Company Building 3
Current Picture

Twin Lakes Motor Lodge (destroyed). 1950's?)

Clubs, Auditoriums and Other Meeting Places

Armory (Opera House)
Armory (destroyed) (2006 Picture)

Armory 2

Armory 3

Elk's Club House (1907)

Odd Fellows Hall
Current Picture

Oritani Boathouse (destroyed)

Oritani Field (great picture)
2006 picture

Oritani Field Club
Current Picture

Oritani Field Club 2

Hackensack Boat Club (destroyed?)

Boat Club 2

The Warner

The Warner 2


Collectibles and Other Items

Air Mail - Hackensack

Back in Hackensack (Sheet Music)

Back in Hackensack (Sheet Music) 2

Back in Hackensack (Sheet Music) 3

Back in Hackensack (Sheet Music) 4

Bicycle License Plate

Coltrane Album

Community Chest Card


Fire Department Matchbox Car

Fire Department Matchboxes 2

Fire Toy Ahrens Fox Fire Truck (1937)

Fire Department Mug

Fire Department Superman Patch

Greeting Card

Greeting Card 2


Hackensack Arena Invitation

"Hackensack Blues" Album by Jimi Hendrix

"Hackensack" Album by Thelonius Monk

Hackensack Hospital Spoon

Hackensack Spoon

Hackensack Money: old currency

Hackensack Money: $5.00 bill

Hackensack Money: $5.00 bill 2

Hackensack Money: $10.00

Hackensack Money 2

Hackensack Money: Wooden Nickel

Hackensack Money: Wooden Nickel (back)

Hackensack Money: $13.00 check

Hackensack Soccer Shirt

John Schirra Poster (Astronaut born in Hackensack)

K2KSR Postcard (Ham Radio?)

Nystrom Restaurant Menu


Phiefers Plate

Police Lieutenant Badge (HPD)

Police patch (auxilary)


USS Ling Banner

USS Ling Postcard

White Manna T-Shirt

Government Buildings

City Hall (mid 1960's)
2006 Picture

Court House

Court House - 1913 (modified)

Court House (1st building?)

Court House (1910)

Court House (2nd building?) (destroyed).

Court House (2nd building 2)

Dept. of Public Works
2006 Picture of above location

Fire Station (Central)

Fire Station (Main)

Fire State (Central?)

Johnson Public Library

Johnson Public Library 2

Johnson Public Library 3

Johnson Public Library 4
Current Picture

Post Office

Post Office 2

Historic Homes

Ackerman-Brinkerhoff House, 184 Essex St., Hackensack (destroyed). (Revolutionary War period).

Brinkerhoff House, 36 Essex St., Hackensack (destroyed) (Revolutionary War period).
2006 Picture

Hopper House, 249 Polifly Rd., Hackensack (Stony Hill Inn). (Revolutionary War period).

Lozier House, 393 Main St., Hackensack (destroyed). (Revolutionary War period).
2006 picture

Senator Johnson's Home (Where Sears now stands)
2006 picture

Terheun House, 450 River & Anderson Streets, Hackensack (destroyed). (Revolutionary War period).
2006 picture

Van Giesen House, Terrace Ave. & Essex St., Hackensack (destroyed). (Revolutionary War period).

Van Steuben Home (current).

Van Steuben Home 2

Washington Mansion House Tavern, Main St. & Washington Pl., Hackensack. (destroyed). (Revolutionary War period).
Current Picture

Washington Mansion House from Green (destroyed)

Washington Mansion House 2

Historic Monuments

Fire Department Monument

General Poor Monument (old)

Soilders Monument

WWII Monunment

WWII Monument 2

Historic Street Scenes

Anderson Street Area Map

Anderson Street Bridge

Anderson Street Bridge 2

Anderson Street Bridge 3

Anderson Street Bridge 4

Anderson Street Bridge 5

Anderson Street (West)
2006 Picture

Central Avenue

Essex Street (1909)
2006 Picture

Hudson Street (1908)

Main Street (Breslin Building - Old)

Main Street (circa 1908)
Current Picture

Main Street (1920's)
Current Picture

Main Street 2
Current Picture

Main Street 3
Current Picture

Main Street 4 (1923)

Main Street 5

North Main Street
2006 picture

Park Street

Prospect Bridge
2006 picture

River Street

State Street

State and Clay Streets


Union Street (1910)

Union & Berry Streets
2006 Picture

Union Street 2

View from Air (1940's)

View from Air (1909)

Where is this?

Where is this?

Hospitals and Care Facilities

Hackensack Children's Home (1909)

Hackensack Children's Home 2

Home for the Aged (destroyed)
Current Picture

Hospital 1 (Looking west from Second St)

Hospital 2
2006 picture

Hospital 3
2006 picture

Hospital 4 (Looking NE from Hospital Pl)

Hospital 5
2006 picture

Nurses' Home

Houses of Worship

Dutch Reformed Church (1920's). (current)

Dutch Reformed Church Cemetary

Dutch Reformed Church Postcard

First Presbyterian Church

Holy Trinity R.C. Church
2006 picture

Methodist Church (Summit)

Second Reformed Church

Parks and Greens

1777 Graffiti in Borg's Woods

Anderson Street Park

Anderson Street Park 2

Anderson Street Park 3

Anderson Gazebo (looking north on river) 1910
2006 photo of Gazebo ruins

Azela Gardens

Court House Green (Gazebo destroyed)

Court House Green 2

Court House Green 3

Court House Green (1909)

Court House Green (with fountain)

Court House Green (1890)

Court House Green 4

Court House Green 5

Golf Club

Hackensack River

Hackensack River 2

Maplecrest Beach

Van Stueben (Iron Bridge)

View of Hackensack (1800)

Railroad Stations

Anderson Street Station

Anderson Street Station 2

Anderson Street Station 3

Central Avenue Station (destroyed)

Cranberry Junction 2

Cranberry Junction
(Fairmount Station)

Current Picture

Moore Street Station
Moore Street Station
Moore Street Station
Moore Street Station
(Potrero Grill)
Current Picture

North Hackensack Station (1955)

Prospect Station/Susquehanna

Schools, School Items, and Students

Broadway School Interior/Exterior

Comet Yearbook

Comet Yearbook (1969)

Hackensack High School

Hackensack High School 2

Hackensack High School Manual (1950's?)

Hackensack High School Shot Glass (?!)

Hackensack High School Cornerstone

High School Interior

Holy Trinity High School Year Book (1940)

Junior High School

Newman School
2006 Picture of avove location

Old School (destroyed)

Old School 2

Old High School

Old High School 2

Old School Students (not sure which school)

Sports pamphlet (1960-61)

School Group Photo, Broadway -1920 (destroyed?)

State Street School

State Street/Union Street School Students


Fire Truck

Fire Truck 2

Hackensack Ferry (destroyed)

Hackensack Municipal Terminal
2006 Picture of above location

Hackensack Train (1860)

Train Hackensack River

Hackensack Trolley

Steam Train (Prospect Avenue)