Author Topic: Hackensack Cultural Arts Center Part 2  (Read 14215 times)

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Hackensack Cultural Arts Center Part 2
« on: October 15, 2004, 08:54:25 PM »
(Read Part One of this message)

          Now you might be saying to yourself, "Why havent I heard anything about these programs?"  My answer is, "your guess is as good as mine."  I will admit the first few years at the arts center we couldnt give tickets away, and Im not being sarcastic we actually gave tickets away and people wouldnt come here.  I will also admit that one of our biggest problems is advertising, the reason is that I have no budget for advertising.  All of the money in the budget has to go to programming only.  While I would love to buy an ad in the Record or the Star Ledger, or on radio, or local network affiliates. 

          The truth is that, even if I had the money in budget it is so expensive that it would still be impossible.  However, that does not mean that the word is not getting out there.  All of our events are listed in the "Go" section of the Bergen Record.  The Record has written 5 articles on our events over the past 4 years.  All of our events are listed on the Hackensack Public Schools Channel.  The Star Ledger lists all of our events and has written 2 articles about us over the past 4 years.  The County Seat not only lists all of our events but also provides writers to cover all of our event specifically.  I do not understand what the reason is for not seeing it in there because its mailed to every citizen in Hackensack, Rochelle Park, Maywood, South Hackensack and soon Lodi.  We send out press releases to all of the other area local papers and have been listed on a regular basis in them as well.  New Jersey 12 lists us in our community calendar as well as on their website.  We are listed in the New York Times New Jersey Section on a regular basis
            The most frustrating thing is that in a post listed in on this website a person stated that "There isnt enough publicity" about this facility.  So maybe that person doesnt read the Times or the Ledger, or The Seat, or the Record or watches the School cable channel or NJ 12, but one thing I know is that that person at least visited THIS SITE!!!  Im sorry but that made me laugh, because one of our biggest supporters has been the editor of this very web site.  He is the first person I send my info to and he lists everything, I mean EVERYTHING, as soon as he gets it.  So just keep in mind that just a click away is a listing of all of our events in the event calendar of this site!!!!  See also the Announcement Page for upcoming shows.
          While I will admit that not all of our events have been sold out, and some events we still have a tough time selling seats.  I can tell you this, as each year passes more and more events sell out and even the events that dont bring in as many people are on the increase each year and the number has not gone down at all.  For the first time in our history, people are actually buying "Pre-sale" tickets!!!
          And other major way that people find out abut our events is through word of mouth and through our mailing list.  To get onto the mailing list, you either come and see an event and fill out a mailing list form at our box office table or call us and let us know you want to be on it.  I have noticed a trend.  Over the past year or so many of the address being added to the list are from OTHER TOWNS!!!  Rochelle Park, Maywood, and South Hackensack, are major patrons at the Arts Center.  In addition, a growing number are from River edge, Ridgefield Park, and Oradell.  The most telling sign is the towns that the County Seat goes to because they really didnt start coming until that paper came out.
          We offer deals to people who go to dinner at one of the area restaurants where if they show a receipt either they get a huge discount or they get a free ticket!  That alone is bringing a lot of repeat business.  In addition, the fact that we have parking is very important to most people.  In addition, this area is really starting to experience a renaissance.  The new lampposts and the brick accented walk ways and roads on Hudson Street; have given this area a wonderful quaint feel.  Many of the establishments around this area that used to close at five are staying open later when we have events here.

          Many people have criticized that our Arts Center is too small.  Slow Down!!!!  First lets sell out all of our events consistently, and then well talk about it being too small!  Right now the numbers are showing us that its too big!!!  Im going to start selling subscriptions to our regular patrons, and I will only do that after we start selling out more. Then if the subscription program works then and only then can we talk about moving into a new and larger facility.
          Keep in mind that the Arts Center has been home to many professional theater companies that have used the theater to stage first performances of new plays.  One in particular was this past springs production of "The Count of Monti Cristo", presented by The Triville Players.  It is just one more step away from being published which means that anytime the production is done it will have the credit of "first performed at The Hackensack Cultural Arts Center 2004" for the rest of time.  The latest update on that particular show is that it is going to be produced at the Playwrights Horizons Theater on 42nd Street in NYC.  I just know that their will be Hackensack citizens that will go to see it in the city and see this show and pay $75 a ticket for a show that they could have seen here for $15.
          I want every one to know that I am open to your suggestions, questions and comments.  I want you to please call me, drop me an e-mail, or just respond to this post.

          Thanks for your time.  I look forward to hearing from everyone.  Moreover, keep the discussions going.

Gregory Liosi
Arts Director, Hackensack Cultural Arts Center
(201)-646-8042 Email me to get on the mailing list!

The Hackensack Cultural Arts Center
39 Broadway
Hackensack, New Jersey
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Re: Hackensack Cultural Art's Center Part 2
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2004, 09:09:48 PM »

Let me be brief here...

I think you are doing an EXCELLENT job!!

Keep up the good work and this will just be the start of many more great things to come.

I'm looking forward to Seussical the Musical in December.


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Re: Hackensack Cultural Arts Center Part 2
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2004, 09:54:00 PM »

          Many people have criticized that our Arts Center is too small.  Slow Down!!!!  First lets sell out all of our events consistently, and then well talk about it being too small! 

Didn't Seussical sell out every seat for all performances???  Everytime I go there, it's a packed house. 

Seussical, by the way, was fantastic.  It caught me off guard.   This show was  truly something special. 

'Seussical': A flight of whimsy finds a home not flimsy
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Playwright Festival
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