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The Hackensack Economic Development Commission contracted with the Eagleton Institute's Center for Public Interest Polling at Rutgers University to conduct a climate study of the City of Hackensack. The main objective of the study is to provide a baseline of information on the attitudes and economic activity of (1) residents of Hackensack, (2) residents of towns surrounding Hackensack, and (3) employees who work for companies and organizations in Hackensack. Click here to read the report. (requires Adobe Acrobat. Scroll down)

Official Site: Zoning

2001 Master Plan for Hackensack
Selected excerpts of the Master Plan appear below. The entire Master Plan is available at the Johnson Free Pulbic Library. Some files require Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat. Typos are a result of the electronic scanning process.

List of Tables (Acrobat) (for reference purposes - not all sections are reproduced here)
Existing Land Use
Land Use Table (image - click link, then hold cursor over image and move to bottom right corner to enlarge)
Trends in Land Use Table (image - click right corner to enlarge)
Environmental Features, Topography and Flood Prone Areas
Downtown Area Evaluation (Acrobat)
Spheres of Influence Map of Main Street (image - click right corner to enlarge)
Volume of Sales Ranking for NJ (image - click right corner to enlarge)
Street Intersection Accidents Table (image - click right corner to enlarge)
Hackensack's Goals and Obectives (Microsoft Word File)
Land Use Plan Element (Recommendations to the Planning Board) (Microsoft Word File)
Riverwalk Greenway (Microsoft Word File)
Downtown Land Use Plan (Microsoft Word File)
Recommendations for a Movie Theater Complex in Hackensack (Microsoft Word File)



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